“Yoga means union.  Tantra yoga is the union of all yoga systems that facilitates
evolution to a higher state of consciousness, which can be then used to create transformation.”
 Samstag, 21. Januar 16 bis 19 Uhr Preis 28 Euro
Tantra is the ancient science which uses specific techniques (yoga practices) to expand and liberate the consciousness from its limitations.
Building upon a foundation of hatha yoga with vinyasa and static postures done with full awareness, we will layer yogic techniques such as mantra, mudras and bhandas. Asana when combined with these yogic practices activates the energy centers to unlock dormant Kundalini in the body that can be used for transformation and the systematic development of higher consciousness.
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Since childhood Yogi Prakash had a vision to open a school to teach spiritual sciences and in 2001 he established Shanti Yoga Ashram after his studies at Bihar School of Yoga.  Since then it has been attracting spiritual seekers from all over the world for the authentic yogic experience and the deep Tantra Yoga teachings that can not be easily found elsewhere. At the Ashram he leads workshops and teacher training courses. His personal attention and care for every student making everyone feel at home.  His magnanimous nature and great capacity to teach allows him to transmit the spiritual essence of Tantra Yoga to his students with joy and love.

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